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Q: What percentage of college girls have had lesbian experiences?
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What is the percentage of maturing girls that are lesbian?

Statistics vary, but most show that about 3% to 8% of women are lesbian.

Are girls naturally lesbian?

Only Lesbian girls are naturally lesbian. Straight girls are naturally straight.

What percentage of girls kiss another girl in a lifetime?

Why? Do you want to know if your a lesbian? Anyway it is perfectly normal for girls to kiss each other

How do you figure out your lesbian?

You know when your a lesbian, if your constantly checking out girls or wanting girls.

What percentage of Indian girls experience Lesbian relations?

80% because they are not allowed to have contact with men unless it is do marital purposes

You are a lesbian what do you do?

As a lesbian, you are sexually attracted to girls and only girls. You have no intrest in men at all.

What to say if a lesbian ask why you like girls?

If a lesbian asks you why you like girls she is fishing around to find out if you have lesbian tendencies. If you are not a lesbian simply tell her that you like girls only on a friendship basis and you are straight.

How do you lesbian?

if your a girl and you like girls that makes you a lesbian

If I'm a straight girl is it ok if I like to watch lesbian girls or just solo girls and not turn bi or a lesbian?

It perfectly fine for you to watch lesbian girls or just solo girls and not turn bi or a lesbian

if I like girls what am i?


Is cymphonique a lesbian?

Cymphonique is not lesbian but she is bisexual .She kiss boys and girls.

Not Physically attracted to girls But Sexually So Is This Girl a Lesbian?

Being physically attracted to someone typically goes hand in hand with being sexually attracted to them. However, everyone's experiences with attraction can vary. It's possible for someone to identify as a lesbian if they are only sexually attracted to girls, even if they aren't physically attracted to them. Ultimately, it's up to the individual to determine their own sexual orientation based on their own feelings and experiences.