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Sixty percent of men with frequent sexual contacts with men also have sexual contacts with women

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Q: What percent of men are bisexual?
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What percentage of brazil is bisexual?

About 30 percent of Brazil population is bisexual. In Brazil 7.5 percent of men are gay and 2.6 percent of the men are bisexual.

Are there bisexual guys?

of course their are many bisexual men.

Are bisexual men gay?

Not necessarily, they find interest in both women and other men

Are most gay men bisexual?

If a man is gay then he's not bisexual, then he's gay. Right?

Is Vanessa bisexual?

I read in a magazine that she was bisexual she loves men and women!

What percent of people in the US are bisexual?


Is Vanessa Carlton Bisexual?

I read in a magazine that she was bisexual she loves men and women!

Why are heterosexual men that have bisexual tendencies are only submissive to gay men that have big penises?

They aren't. This is absurd. Points to consider:There is no such thing as a "heterosexual man with bisexual tendencies." You are actually describing a bisexual man, not a heterosexual man. Heterosexual men, by definition, are heterosexual only.Not all bisexual men are interested in being submissive, and not all prefer a certain physical type. All bisexual men are different.

What is the largest growth in HIV?

Homosexual men and bisexual men.

what kind of girl likes bisexual men?

Its hard to answer that but as bisexual i am more comfortable men as my partner you can bisexual but you have to realy choose who you want to be with.. A kind of girl who like you is a understanding one...

What percent of women in brazil are bisexual?

About 4.9 women in Brazil are known to be bisexual. Bisexual is when a person like both same and opposed sexes.

Can a guy be a bisexual?

Yes, a bisexual is a man or a woman who sees men, and women they can like.

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