Are most gay men bisexual

Updated: 9/27/2023
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If a man is gay then he's not bisexual, then he's gay. Right?

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You can't possibly be attracted both to gorgeous breasts and fit buttocks 50% to male genitals and a black hole tรด evacuate feces. Should that be the case, it would prove there's a pathological neuronal disorder.
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No. men can either be gay, bisexual, or something else, but they cannot be both gay and bisexual.

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Q: Are most gay men bisexual
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Are bisexual men gay?

Not necessarily, they find interest in both women and other men

Why do most men generally lose interest in women when they become gay as opposed to remaining bisexual?

Actually, bisexual men cannot become gay. This is impossible. If a man seems to lose interest in women, he was never bisexual to begin with.

Is hetersexual men the largest group to be effected with HIV?

No; the group most affected by AIDS are gay men and bisexual men.

How do you meet gay or bisexual men?

You could actually sign on to a dating profile for gay and bisexual men. My friend has done it before. You can do it too!

Do gay men like fat women?

No. Gay is gay. If a gay guy likes women as well as men that means hes bisexual.

What percentage of brazil is bisexual?

About 30 percent of Brazil population is bisexual. In Brazil 7.5 percent of men are gay and 2.6 percent of the men are bisexual.

Why do Hispanic men whistle at gay men?

Because Hispanic men REALLY dislike bisexual guys, or they are gay, too. LOL

Are men that like to look at shemales gay or straight?


Should gay men be allowed to answer questions about male bisexuality?

Since gay men don't believe that bisexuality exist,only men that have bisexual tendencies and only bisexual men should be allowed to answer questions about male bisexuality.

Is my man gay or bisexual?

If he likes men, he is homosexual. If he likes woman, he is heterosexual, if he likes both, he is bisexual.

Do most bisexual men transition to being gay?

No, you can be bisexual all your life, gay all your life, straight all your life. You don't 'transition' sexuality. If you hear about a gay man 'becoming' straight they are bi or pansexual. If a bisexual man decides that he prefers men he is still bisexual, because he would still like girls, if less. He is still bi. That is common, yes. Bi guys generally prefer guys.

Are bisexual men more promiscuous then gay men?

Since there are a lot more bisexual men who practice safer sex then a lot of gay men,bisexual men don't have as many sexual parters as gay men do. Answer 2: Promiscuity has nothing to do with one's sexual orientation. It has everything to do with one's personality and morals. Sure some bi men are more promiscuous than gay men. And vice versa. Same thing for straight men. And women, of course. It all depends on the individual.