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About 3% to 8% of any population is gay. So that equates to about 250 million white gay people in the world.

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2017-10-31 14:08:28
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Q: What percent of gay people are white?
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Is California for white people or gay people?

The state of California is for and has many different types of people be it gay, straight, black, white, male, female and so on. Also, gay people and white people are not two different races of people. To be gay or homosexual is a sexual preference while to be white is a race within the entire human race, and a person can be both (gay and white) at the same time.

What percent of people are gay in 2010?


What percent of gay people have children?

As of 2014, about 20% of American gay couples have children.

Are there more gay white or gay black people in the world?

Current scientists put the worlds population as 4-10 percent homosexual and another 25-40 percent bisexual. No real differentiation for skin color exists that I've found.

What percent are gay people in the military?

The military does not keep such records.

What percent of Chinese people are gay?

about 3-8%, depending on the survey, however, most chinese gay people are closeted.

Why did the about what happened in Europe?

gay white people

Why are 80 percent of obese people gay?

They're not. This is a foolish statistic.

Why does the KKK hate immigrants and gay people?

The KKK believes that gay people and people of non-white races are defective and inferior.

What is twenty five percent black people and seventy five percent white people?

The answer is a PIANO

What percent of white people are in the NFL?

69% are black and 31% are white.

What percent of WHITE people have blue eyes?

In the United States, 20 percent.

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