What part do guys want girls to touch?

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guys want girls to touch them anywhere that the girl can touch as long as it gives guys a boner.....guys just like being touched by a girl

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2011-02-14 06:02:00
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Q: What part do guys want girls to touch?
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Why do guys want to finger girls?

so you can touch yourself at night

How do guys want girls to touch them?

uuum.....sexually? with your vagina and hands and such?!?!?

Why parts of a girls or woman's body do sexual behavior guys get excited about and want to touch?

Coming from a guy, guys are most excited by a girls ass, and her breasts.

Why do guys like to touch girls tits?

Because i want to pay tribute to her beauty. And i want to show her how beautiful she is. And not just touch them, but caress her neck with my lips.

Why do guys get girls' attention?

the guys want the girls to notice them

Can guys touch a girls breast?

absolutely! unless of course, she doesn't want you to that is. don't be rough, gentle is good.

Why do guys want to touch a girls' butt?

Men are stimulated by visual and tactile sensation, so they like to look and touch.

Why do girls pants guys?

because girls can be very attracted to the men which also means they pants guys to also flirt, embarass, and they may want to see the guys down there part

Were do girls want guys to touch them?

Depends on the girl. Most will like you to just put your arm around them or hold their hand.

Are Muslims allowed to touch girls?

well Muslim girls are aloud but guys.......... no if your "of age" then you cant and umm why would u want to i mean its kinda perverted

Why do guys smack girls butts?

it is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!! and very sexy... to stop them from getting horny

Why do girls put there hand through guys hair?

Because we basically want to touch them, and that just seems like an ok place to do it.

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