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Q: Do girls like having their vagina licked and sucked and touched?
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'm having PCOS.My boyfriend n i were foolin around when he touched my vagina he was ejaculatin n der r chances tat he mite ve got a lil of tat on his fingers could i b pregnant?

It is possible that you could be pregnant.

What does a vagina feel like during sex?

well the vagina can feel numerious emotions, it is not scientifically prooven which emotions it feels at different times, but it is a well known fact that having sex is abuse for your vagina

What is it called when the penis inserts to vagina?

Penetration. If there is repeated thrusting of the penis in the vagina, or if the male ejaculates, it's called intercourse. aka,sex, a shag,or having a ride

What does it feel like to have your boobs sucked?

Sucking boobs will stimulate the woman vagina, and she will get wet more faster. And i know women who need it as a foreplay, if not they will not get wet. it feels good it i tried it my vagina got really wet most women like they feel alive most women want more

What does a girls privates feel and look like?

A girls privates are one of the most beautiful and erotic things you will ever see. The vagina is a warm, moist and soft place. It is pink with the lips of the vagina pink and full and you can just barely see the clitoris poking through. That is the most sensitive part of her sexual organs and when she is getting ready to cum it gets bigger and turns a very deep pink. If she is a virgin it will be very tight, everything will be close together and just the thought of being touched or licked will make it swell with excitement. If they are shaved it is even better because then you can feel the soft skin of her lips and the warm stickiness of the inside of her vagina that almost sucks your fingers, tongue or penis when you're inside it.

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How do you go third base?

Third base in oral sex...this is using the mouth. For example, you would go to 3rd base if you sucked a boys penis and gave him a blowjob or if you licked out a girl's vagina! :) have fun!!

What dose 69 mean in sex?

You sucking a penis while having your sucked by the same person

What is babagadoosh?

Your moms vagina that I f***** and licked while eating a sandwich

Can a licked vagina in periods cause pregnancy?

No. For pregnancy to occur there needs to be sperm.

What would happen if you put your finger in your vagina the licked that finger?

nothing, unless its not clean.

What happens phisically during sex?

you kiss each other intently.then the penis is used in all kinds of different ways ex. it goes into the vagina, it goes through the rectum it gets sucked and licked. you touch and feel one another and your privates start feeling tingly

Do girls like to be sucked on their vagina?

It depends on the girl, but yes, many do like this.

What did the Native Americans do for work?

what they did was lick on your mothers vagina, and they also sucked on her breasts.

As the war continued why did the union and conferate had trouble getting more soldiers?

Because a general licked a vagina

Is my friend cheetin on me or is it just that i saw him touchin anuthir girls vagina?

If he touched another girls vagina... he is cheating.

What does it mean if a boy touches your vagina?

It simply means that exactly. He touched your vagina. With a finger, it's called 'petting'. With his dick, it's called 'sex', although if it even counts as having sex is an opinion. With his mouth, it's called 'oral sex'.

How do women go pee?

i sucked my own vagina and it felt good..while mum was looking

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