What pagan holiday did Christmas replace?

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One will find that the commonly known holiday all around the world, Christmas replaced the pagan Scandinavian holiday JÃ_l. The holiday merged to become "Noel", which originates from the Old French word "noël" or "naël".

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Q: What pagan holiday did Christmas replace?
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Is Christmas a pagan holiday?

Yes Christmas is a Pagan Holiday. Here's a link to the Unwrapping of Christmas

When was Christmas first celebrated as a holiday?

It was a Pagan Holiday for thousands of years. The first mention of Christmas a a Christian holiday is in the 4th Century document "Chronography of 354"

What does Christmas mean to a Pagan?

December 25th is actually the date of one of the highest pagan holidays. When the king wanted everyone to turn to Christianity he forced everyone to celebrate the christian holiday by making it on the same day as the highest pagan holiday. I am not sure of the names w/o further research I just know this from religious courses I took in college. There was no major, public pagan Holiday on December 25th. Christmas does not mean anything to a pagan. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Who were people that celebrated Christmas first?

It's believed by historians, that the celebration of Christmas, as a holiday, was started from pagan (unchristian) festivals.

How do pagans celebrate Christmas?

As the "Christian Holiday" of Christmas, pagans do not celebrate it. As a modern day secular holiday, pagans celebrate it as any other secular holiday. The Christians in the Roman Empire originally celebrated Christmas on the same day as the Roman pagan holiday of Saturnalia, so the "christmas" holiday has gone full circle: from a holiday for pagans to a holiday for christians to a holiday for pagans..........

What do Christian's do in December?

Nothing special. Since Christmas is not a Christian holiday but a pagan one rather.

Was the pagan holiday bad?

Many of the holidays we have today like Christmas and New years are based in part around former Pagan Celebrations. No holiday is bad. Holidays are times of celebration and family gatherings.

What is special about the Christmas tree?

It has something to do with Pagan traditions, as Christmas is Pagan holiday historically speaking, not in fact a Christian one. In general it is a symbol of friendship and celebration, but then again it really depends on what your religion is - and where you live.

Why do people celebrate Christmas in Nigeria?

Christmas is a universal holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, over 2000 years ago. There is speculation that celebrating Christmas in Dec. allowed the persecuted Christians to hold their festivities 'undercover' while the pagan population celebrated their own pagan holiday, which I believe was celebrating the Sun.

Is Christmas a pagan ceremony?

Yes, Christmas is a pagan holiday. It was a popular holiday celebrated throughout the Roman Empire. Catholics thought that it felt appropriate to make the December 25 holiday (the birthday of the sun god Sol Invictus) the birthday of Christ Jesus. Though no verse in the Bible specifies the exact birth date of Christ Jesus.

Is Christmas originally a Christian celebration?

The religious holiday of Christmas (as opposed to the secular holiday) was originally Christian, of course - Christ's Mass - altho it coopted a pagan Roman holiday. Christ was probably born in the Spring, most certainly not in late December.

What do Muslims do on Christmas day to celebrate?

Muslims do not celebrate Christmas day, because Christmas is considered a Christian holiday with pagan roots. Muslims celebrate Ramadan, which is a day of prayer and fasting.

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