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The early Christians did not celebrate Christmas. Many parts of the celebration of Christmas were originally from pagan religions, and were celebrated by non-Christians. In around 300 AD, the celebration of Christmas became a Roman Catholic holiday, and gradually thereafter was accepted by Protestants also. Even many early settlers in the colonies which became the US did not celebrate Christmas because they saw it as a pagan holiday. It was not seen by these Christians as having anything to do with Christ.

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Q: When was the first Christmas after Jesus was born celebrated?
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What counrty celebrated Christmas first?

Jerusalem in Israel because that is where Jesus Christ was born. on the day he was born was fist day of Christmas.

Why is Christmas widely celebrated?

Because it is when we celebrate the birth of Christ! Jesus was born!

In which century was the Christmas tree first used?

Christmas was first celebrated in the 7th century.

Why and who were the people who celebrate Christmas?

Christmas was celebrated by Christians before, but now almost everyone celebrates Christmas! It was celebrated by the Christians because it was the day Jesus Christ was born! It is done in order to retain the remembrance of Jesus, and also exalt him!

Where did the first Christmas come from?

The first Christmas was when Jesus Christ was born into this world.

What did the ancient Greeks do on Christmas day?

The Ancient Greeks celebrated the Solstice on or near December 25th. But Christmas did not exist. Jesus was purportedly born approximately 150 years after the Romans conquered Greece, and the first Christmas wasn't celebrated for another 100+ years.

Why is the Christmas tradition still celebrated?

The Christmas time is still celebrated because it is represented to worship Jesus on his birthday (evan tho we may not know exactly when he was born) it is in remeberance to know he was born to die for our SINS!!

Did anicent Greeks celebrate Christmas?

The Ancient Greeks did not celebrate Christmas. Christmas is the commemoration of the Birth of Jesus and, as Jesus had not been born in Ancient Greek times, it was celebrated. Christianity had not been founded at this time.

Why is Christmas celebrated by Christians and non- Christians?

Christmas is celebrated by Christians and non-Christians because the majority of people believe in god and Jesus and they obviously will believe that, that was the day that Jesus Christ was born even though it was not the accurate day it was a guess and that's why its celebrated on December 25th.

Who chose December 25 for the date for Christmas and why?

The first recorded date of Christmas being celebrated on December 25th was in 336AD, during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine (he was the first Christian Roman Emperor). A few years later, Pope Julius I officially declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on the 25th December.

Why is it so cool that Jesus was born on Christmas?, yeah. Bud? Christmas is celebrated BECAUSE of the birth of Christ. That is what Christmas IS. Although recent historical evidence suggests he may not have even been born on December 25th.

The history of Christmas and why it is still celebrated?

1. When is Christmas celebrated? Christmas is celebrated in the 25 of December. Why? People say that's when Jesus Christ was born. But, what I heard was that Jesus was not born on that specific day. I've been colleting research on what is the truth behind this mystery. Chronographers say that the world was created in March 25th. So in nine months Jesus Christ was born. 2. Where the holiday originated? The holiday originated in Bethlehem in eastern European. How did i know that? Well after Jesus birth the Three Kings traveled to where Jesus was born to give Jesus a gift. At January 6th the Three Kings finally arrived and gave Jesus the gifts at Bethlehem. 3. When did the holiday begin? Christmas began at December 25, 00. Why? Well that's when Jesus Christ was born. That's why people put angels on their christmas trees. 4. Why was the holiday started? Christmas was started to celebrate Jesus birthday. Jesus is the son of the creater of the earth. God is the dad of Jesus. But, some people don't celebrate because of Jesus birthday any more. They celbrate because of opening presents. 5. Who first celebrated chrstmas? Christians was the first people to celebrate christmas. Christians are people who believe in Jesus and God. Christians decorate their rooms with stuff like candles, and pictures/ paintings of Jesus(sometimes). 6. What customs or rituals are associated with Christmas? Some people go to church. Others open presents. In church people have Christmas pagents. 7. What is the signifigance of this holiday? The signifigance of Christmas is men. 8. Are there any symbols traditional objects assocaited with Christmas? Some symbols