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mine is an 82xxx number and its a mk1. The best way to tell is the release for the lever. MK1 has 2 lugs you push towards the muzzle. The mk2 just has a button you press.

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Q: What model is a webley and Scott eclipse with a serial number 843922?
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How old is a webley and Scott serial number 83649?

how old is webley scott 143609

Where is serial number on a webley falcon?

Check the receiver.

What is the value of a webley mark 2 revolver serial number 43383?

The value of the Webley Mark 2 revolver with a serial number of 43383 varies with the condition of the pistol. This gun sells for about 450 dollars to about 1000 dollars depending on the condition.

How old is the webley mark 1 serial number 260?

Webley Mark 1 pistol (original. There are several variations) 1924-31. Webley Mark 1 New model 1935-64 Webley Mark 1 Rifle 1926-29

What does 1867 mean stamped on a P Webley and Son pinfire shotgun?

Could be a serial number, assembly number, or year

How old is this webley junior 177 serial number 1486?

The original Webley Jr was made between 1929-1938. The New model was made between 1945-1973. The Webley Jr Mark1 was made between 1973-1976. you can contact Webley & Scott at the link below

When was your Webley and Scott .177 'junior' made Serial number 4118?

It was made from the late 1940s to the late 1960s.

What year was the webley pistol serial number 317344 made. and how do i find who first bought it?

You will have to provide a detalied description. Webley made many different types of hand guns. Your chances of finding out who first bought it, are none and none. However, IF it was a military order and IF the serial number has been researched, and IF it has been published, you MIGHT find that out.

How old is this webley junior 177 serial number 402?

It was made from the late 1940s to the late 1960s.

What is the year of your webley Scott 700 serial no 126 191?


Can you find the age of a webley and Scott shotgun by the serial number?

Yes. Website: Double Barreled Shotguns, High Grade Shotguns Dates of Production

Where do you find the date of manufacture of a webley .38 revolver with serial number 17322?

Blue Book of Gun Values would be one place to check.