What means the letters rp?

Updated: 10/5/2023
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Rating pending, as in they still need to come up with a rating for it.

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role play

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Q: What means the letters rp?
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What means RP for video games?

RP means role-playing

What does RP from league of ledgends mean?

RP means Riot Points

What does RP mean age classification?

RP Means Rating Pending for age classification.

What does the video game rating RP mean?

the rating RP simply means that the game still needs to be rated. RP stands for rate pending

Is rp games rated?

When a game is rated RP, it is still awaiting a final decision from the ratings board. RP means Rating Pending. You won't find a released game with that rating on.

What is rp means in games?

It means "role play" or "role playing". So if a game said "Knights RP Game", it would mean "Knights Role-Playing Game".

What does rp mean on flipnote hatena?

It means role play

Why is call of duty modern warfare rated RP and not M?

RP stands for Rating Pending. That means the rating hasn't been verified by the ESRB.

What does ihacoy mean?

Meaning of Ihacoy in Rp — In this auspicious opportunity, Area Tekno will share important information for all of you related to what is ihacoy in rp. Therefore, if you need this information, please read here until the end. Also Read: Meaning of Rc in Rp Telegram. Meaning of Ihacoy in Rp

What does Rated RP stand for in a video game?

RP stands for "Rating Pending," which means that the game has been submitted to the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board), and is waiting for the final rating. RP only shows during advertising prior to the release of a game.

What currency is Rp?

This is nothing but Indonesia Currency, Conversion between Indian rupee and Rp. below Indonesian rupiah (IDR) Indonesian rupiah (IDR)IDRRp 250 Rp 500 Rp 1000 Rp 5000 Rp 10000 Rp 25000 Rp 50000INRRs. 1.19 Rs. 2.38 Rs. 4.77 Rs. 23.83 Rs. 47.66 Rs. 119.14 Rs. 238.29 Indian rupee (INR)INRRs. 1 Rs. 5 Rs. 10 Rs. 50 Rs. 100 Rs. 250 Rs. 500IDRRp 209.83 Rp 1049.15 Rp 2098.29 Rp 10491.46 Rp 20982.91 Rp 52457.28 Rp 104914.55

In marapets rp what can you buy with rp?

you can buy stuff on trades with rp and in elekas castle it can be spent there