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you can buy stuff on trades with rp and in elekas castle it can be spent there

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Q: In marapets rp what can you buy with rp?
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How do you get RP on marapets?

RP (Restock Points) is a currency in Marapets that is similar to MP. It can be obtained from Leprechaun quests and restocking from the main shops - the rarity of the item you restock is equal to the amount of RP you get.

How do you get rp marapets?

RP are "restock points" every time you buy an item from a marapet shop e.g the chocolate shop you'll get some RP (NOTE:: you cannot get rp from buying out of a real users shop only from the shops on the map) you can also use exchange to buy/sell RP with users

How do you you get hp on marapets?

there is so such thing as hp but there is three kinds of money bp rp mp no hp.

Where do you buy a Dentist Ticket on marapets?

you can buy it on shop search

What does mp mean on marapets?

MP stands for Mara Points. It is the main currency of the site, along with RP (Restock Points) and BP (Baspinar Points).

How do you get food for your marapets?

you can buy them from shops and user shops. or aution

How do you get lots of marapoints on marapets?

you can buy them here cheap

Where do you get diamonds in marapets?

You can either buy them or finish Knutt Knight quests.

Where can you find boosters on marapets?

You can only buy them on account upgrades, you can either pay with real money for the account upgrade credits, or you can get them from king Basbinar for loyalty to marapets. or you could buy boosters off shop search, with your mp

Where can one purchase a RP-SMA connector?

One can purchase an RP-SMA connector from Amazon where there are many available to buy for prices between $1 and $5. One can also buy them from eBay and Best Buy.

How do you fix the sidewalk of your house on marapets?

just buy a shovel and put in in your tool box

How can i get scholarship on marapets?

buy going to school like studying in computer scinence then you would get it.