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Christmas is a Religious observance in origin.

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Q: What kind of holiday is Christmas?
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What is Austin Mahone's favorite kind of holiday?

christmas i think

What kind of holiday plant rhymes with merry?

Christmas Berry

Is Christmas eve a holiday?

Christmas eve is not a holiday on Christmas is a holiday so Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas you can't celebrate Christmas eve its not a holiday

What is your favorite holiday of the year?

Its people's opinions about their favorite holiday. My favorite holiday is Christmas.

Is Christmas a holiday?

Yes, Christmas is considered a holiday.

When is the Christmas Holiday in Melbourne?

The Christmas holiday is on 25 December, Christmas Day.

What kind of winter holiday is celebrated in Mexico?

Christmas, New Year's, the Three Kings are some of them.

Selena gomez favorite holiday?

Her favorite holiday is Christmas!

Does Target recognize Christmas as a holiday?

Yes, Target recognizes Christmas as a holiday.

Is Christmas day a bank holiday?

is Christmas a bank holiday when u work

When was Christmas recognized as a mail holiday?

Christmas was declared a federal holiday in 1870.

What is the world's favorite holiday?

Well, if you think about it, the world's favorite holiday is Christmas! Christmas is the favorite holiday because people get and send gifts in this time.