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Christmas was declared a federal holiday in 1870.

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Q: When was Christmas recognized as a mail holiday?
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Which state recognized Christmas as a holiday first?


Is their mail on Christmas Day in US?

Of course there is no mail delivery today. The majority of postal workers are too lazy to actually do their job on a normal day, say nothing about the day after Christmas! Now they are cutting Saturdays too...lazy once again!!!

What president made Christmas a holiday?

A president did not declare this holiday. Christmas is a religious celebration that Christians celebrate to honor the birth of Jesus Christ. But, President Ulysses S. Grant recognized Christmas as a national holiday in 1870

What religious holiday should not be recognized?

Christmas it is now too commercial and should be canceled entirely.

Is Christmas eve a holiday?

Christmas eve is not a holiday on Christmas is a holiday so Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas you can't celebrate Christmas eve its not a holiday

What is your favorite holiday of the year?

Its people's opinions about their favorite holiday. My favorite holiday is Christmas.

Is Christmas a holiday?

Yes, Christmas is considered a holiday.

What days other then Sundays are mail not delivered?

Bank holiday monday, Christmas day and other national holidays.

When is the Christmas Holiday in Melbourne?

The Christmas holiday is on 25 December, Christmas Day.

Does the mail run the Monday after Christmas if Christmas is on Sunday?

In the United States the USPS reports they are closed the day after Christmas for mail delievery. Because Christmas fell on a Sunday this year, Christmas is observed on December 26, 2011 this year.

Is the mail running a day late because of the Christmas holiday season?

What kind of question is that?? Ask the post office not google.

Selena gomez favorite holiday?

Her favorite holiday is Christmas!