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Guys with six packs

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Q: What kind of guys are hot women attracted to?
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Is being bi hot?

If you are hot, then you are also hot if you are bisexual. Being a girl who is attracted to girls and also guys or a guy who is attracted to guys and also girls being hot is a fetish, but a fairly wide-spread one.

Are you bisexual if you will cyber with guys but only think of girls as hot?

Bisexual people are sexually attracted to both men and women. If you're a guy and you think only girls are hot, you're straight.

Are most women attracted to women as well if they're so hot?

Yes, they can be. But if they are very attracted, the are lesbian and can get into a physical relationship

Why do the girls only go for the hot guys?

Women are attracted to attractive men.Men are attracted to attractive women.There are many different opinions on what constitutes an attractive person, but people rarely waste their time dating someone they do not feel attracted to. This would be counter-productive when it comes to their instinct to procreate.

How does a girl get attracted?

Personally I am attracted by funny guys. I also like guys who are cute and hot or just really nice. It really depends on the girl that you want to attract everyone has a different taste.

Are Lesbian hot for girls?

Lesbians are romantically and sexually attracted to other women.

Why are you attracted to older girls?

Sometimes older girls will be attracted to a younger boy just because they think he is hot, handsome, and they are not really thinking. They just want someone to date and hit on. Sometimes its because they like your personalty and they can not find that kind in guys their age.

What if you are attracted to girls more than guys?

if you are a girl and you like girls more than guys. go ahead and date girls. sometimes guys even think it is hot

What kind of girls do guys go after in a bar?

Hot girls (very hot)

How does a lad get turned on?

A lad can turned on by hot women or if a you are gay you will be turned on by hot guys. dont be ashamed it happens to all boys/guys

Why do women screw over nice guys rather than mean guys?

Nice guys = HOT Great person Not tough

Why am I sexually attracted to women wearing knee length boots?

cuz they hot for days in a boots