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Hot girls (very hot)

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Q: What kind of girls do guys go after in a bar?
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What kind of guys do redhead girls like most?

they probably like any guy they go for every girl is diffirent :)

Why do boys go after girls?

Nowadays girls will go after guys, but a lot of girls like confidence in a guy. So when a guy asks a girl out the girl thinks hes confident in himself. Knowing this the guys go for the girls :)

Why do girls always flock towards blond guys but guys don't always flock towards blond girls?

Boys and Girls don't go for the blond guys or the blond girls. I don't think blond guys are cuter then brown haired boys. Maybe at your school all of the brown haired guys are cuter or something I don't know. I think that's kind of weird. ahh at my school it's kinda opposite. All the guys like blond girls, and girls don't like blond guys. It's weird...

What if you are attracted to girls more than guys?

if you are a girl and you like girls more than guys. go ahead and date girls. sometimes guys even think it is hot

Why do white girls go with black guys?

Because Black guys are attractive.

Would guys you prefer scene girls or non-scene girls?

As always, it depends on the guys taste and/or style. Stereotypically, scene guys will go for scene girls. So on and so forth.

Are there more girls than guys in Iceland?

yes there are more girls then guys in Iceland because they usually get baby girls and sometimes the girls do not go out they help there parents do work

Why do guys let girls go first?


Why do guys go alone with girls?

they wanna make out

Why do girls go to the toilet together?

to talk about the guys they are with?

What kind of guys do girls prefer?

Girls go for all the good looking and the skuxx looking guys. Some even go for the ones that have a very good personality. If I was you I would either start a new life with a good personality, get abs and go look more skuxx.

Where do guys meet Bi Sexual guys in Houston?

Im going to say, go to a gay bar.