What is your opinion on cheating?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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I have a very very dim view on cheating to say the least. It's disrespectful, hurtful an show a serious lack of respect for your partner.

People do make mistakes, I'll admit that much, but most cheaters know very well what they're doing.

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Q: What is your opinion on cheating?
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Is cheating normal?

Yes it is to a large extent Answer I think it's common but normal, no. Just my opinion.

Will anyone tell Vanessa Hudgens that Zac Efron is cheating on her?

Oh god I hope so. In my opinion. Vanessa Hudgens is probably cheating on Zac, not thinking that it might be retaliated.

What are seven sources that public officials use to determine public opinion?

the answer is in your government book, so stop cheating ;)

Does one person kissing your boyfriend consider cheating?

that depends on whether if you kissed somebody else, your boyfriend would consider it cheating? in my opinion yes but that just depends was it a drunken mistake or was it more than once? x

Why cheating is wrong?

Cheating is wrong in so many ways # You are lying. Lying is wrong, even if you don't think you are hurting anybody. # Cheating on schoolwork means that you never learn how to do the things you will need to know once you get out of school. # Cheating on a partner will break their heart because you are lying plus you are dumping them for someone else. # Also when you cheat on a partner, you cannot expect them to be true to you since you are lying and cheating with them. # Cheating on a game might not be so bad as the other things, but you still never learn how to do the game yourself and you get into the habit of trying to cheat on other things

Why are you always just a friend?

some people value a friendship over other things they could be, and friendship is a bond that cheating cant break my opinion

Do spouse admit of cheating easily?

ANSWER: In my own opinion it depends on how deep the spouse is with the other person. But I do know most of men who do the cheating will try not to tell the truth so it will not put them in a deep trouble with his wife and children. And this include the man that I trusted and now divorce him.

Describe someone's feelings associates with the term cheating?

ANSWER: When it comes to emotion ( feelings) as we see it through our entire life, when it comes to infidelity or the right words is cheating, it will be pain, shock, confuse, agony, depression, low self esteem and most of all is anger. No matter who it is a man or a woman this part of emotion will be what we can associate when it comes to cheating. In my own opinion.

Why do boys get so mad when they think your cheating?

it can be very scary when you fear that your partner is cheating. I always think about what i would be like if i was in the others shoes. I would be vey anxious and uneasy and mad if i thought my partner was cheating on me. So, try and think how he's feeling and you'll understand better. Try and calm him down and explain yourself and let them know that your not being dishonest. In my personal opinion, when they get angry when they think your cheating shows that they care about you and your relationship with him.

Would you like the story to end this way Write out your opinion about the ending of the story in not less than 50 words?

This is an opinion question. Your teacher wants to know what you think, not what someone on the internet things, so we cannot answer this. Besides, copying is plagiarism, which is cheating.

What is cheating.. My boyfriend thinks if you are not married and you have a long distance relationship that it is ok to have a friend that is a woman that he lives with?

In my opinion, it's not cheating unless there's intimacy between them: hand holding, kissing, having sex, etc. I've had female roommates before, and the relationship was completely platonic.

Are a bad person if you take steroids?

*opinion answer* There are several valid reasons to take steriods. Using steriods in competition is cheating and that would make someone a "bad person"