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Your name on facebook is your real, actual name.

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yes it is

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Q: What is your name on Facebook?
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What is a Facebook name?

A facebook name is the name of a facebook user (Example: Jane Doe)

What is the original name of Facebook?


What is the person name who found Facebook?

mark zukerberg discovered the facebook in 2004 .the first name of facebook is "The Facebook".

Who has Facebook tell me your name in Facebook and i will add you?

my facebook name is vincent tan kian poh !!

How do you remove name from Facebook?

I would like to remove my name and all my information from Facebook

What is the name charlotte used on Facebook?

charlotte is a name that is used on facebook.

What Jaden Smith on facebook name?

His name on facebook is Jaden Smith

What Aston merrygolds Facebook name?

Yes he does have facebook his name on it is Aston Merrygoldz and it is also checked and verified by facebook.

Can zero be a name for facebook?

Yes Zero can be a name on Facebook. You can customize the name as per your wish.

What is lucas grabeel Facebook name?

does Lucas Grabeel have a facebook name please?

What is a good Facebook album name - cool symbols?

facebook group name

Does your real name have to appear on Facebook?

No. In fact, my real name isn't on Facebook! :)