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mark zukerberg discovered the facebook in 2004 .the first name of facebook is "The Facebook".

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Q: What is the person name who found Facebook?
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How can you find a person's Twitter and Facebook profiles?

on facebook search the name.

Is their a person name molly leaver?

There Is On Facebook !

What year and the name of the person who created facebook?


How do you link a person's name in a post on Facebook?

if it is someone on facebook, then press the '@' button and type in a name E.G. @reagan fung

When you report underage children on Facebook. Does Facebook keep your name private or do they tell that person who reported them?

No it does not. The only person who knows who reported them is you and the Facebook employee who is revewing the report.

Fine a person on Facebook?

Type their name in to the search bar.

Can you change your name in FarmVille?

no, your name is your name in facebook ,but you can change your gender and hair by clicking on your person

Is cheryl cole on Facebook?

Cheryl Cole is on Facebook her account name is : Cheryl Tweedy-Cole: i hope you found my answer helpfull.

Is the person who invented facebook Canadian?

No, His Name is Mark Zuckerburg and he is from the USA.

How do you put your hometown on Facebook search?

Simply go to Facebook search by city's page , type the name and city name of the person and click search button

Where can you find classmate Donnie Garner South Gwinnett class 1962?

You can try search the person on Facebook, After you logged in to your Facebook account then go to Facebook classmate search, simply type the person name, school name, year of graduate and click search button.

How do you search people on facebook?

There are several search tools on Facebook that you can use to find people. You can find people by their name, by email or by family name but generally Facebook people search can be found at the related link below.