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If a guy every asks you if you would Mary him and you really like him and you know him really well ,then say yes

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Q: What is your answer if a guy ask you do you want to marry me?
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What question do you have to ask a guy who says he love you and want to marry you?

The question that you ask is "Wheres the ring at ! ?"

How to get a guy you have been dating over 3 years to ask you to marry him without pushing him?

You need to be open and honest with him about how you feel, especially since you want to marry this guy.

How do you ask a guy to marry you?

you don't

How do you get a husband on virtual villagers?

You just follow some guy you want to marry around and wait for him to notice you and he will ask you to get married

You want to no if your boyfriend truly loves you he said he wants to marry you when im old?

If the guy says he wants to marry you, I'd say he truly loves you. If you really want to know, ask him he has prayed to Jesus Christ about you, and if Jesus Christ has told him to marry you. But, yeah, I'd say the guy loves you alright.

Why the guy that I don't want to marry wants to marry me and the guy that I want to marry dosent want to marry me?

Because one mans food is another mans poison.try to make your poison your food cos someone is already eating it.

How do you want to get a guy to ask you out?

Get that guy's best friend to tell that guy that you like him, and to ask you out.

What do you ask the girl when you want to get engaged?

Will you marry me??

I want to marry?

what you will do is get down on your knees and say to her "will you marry me?" and that is how you will ask someone to get married to you

How do you get a guy to want to marry you?

You don't get a guy to want to marry you. Its unfortunate to have to be so blunt with regard to that, but the truth of the matter is simple. He either does or he does not. He's not the right guy if you want different things and you have to consider the quality of that relationship in the event that he actually gives in and marrys you. Its like this. If you have to ask someone to send you flowers, what does it mean really when you get the flowers? Its the same with marriage. If it doesn't come from his heart, it never will. Hope this helps.

How do you get married on woozworld?

Just ask the girl/guy to marry you thats what u did

What if she does not want to marry?

Then just ask her and she might tell you