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you don't

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Q: How do you ask a guy to marry you?
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What question do you have to ask a guy who says he love you and want to marry you?

The question that you ask is "Wheres the ring at ! ?"

How do you get married on woozworld?

Just ask the girl/guy to marry you thats what u did

How to get a guy you have been dating over 3 years to ask you to marry him without pushing him?

You need to be open and honest with him about how you feel, especially since you want to marry this guy.

Should women ask men to marry them or not?

it is totally okay for a girl to ask a guy to marry her but it all depends on the relationship.. like who is the more dominant one out of the relationship

How do you find out if a guy ever wants to marry you?

He will show you...with many signs. --------------------------------------------- You could ask him.

Is it weird for a girl to ask a guy to marry her?

It isn't to weird for a girl to ask but its a free country, so be crazy and ask that question girl.

What is your answer if a guy ask you do you want to marry me?

If a guy every asks you if you would Mary him and you really like him and you know him really well ,then say yes

How do you propose to your partner?

For a guy you kneel and pull out the ring and say will you marry me or just do something romatic and then ask her/him.

Will you marry the guy that you like?

No... You will marry the guy that you love <3 :) :) :) :)

It is all right for the girl to ask the guy to become engaged?

You can discuss with the one you love about getting engaged, but no, the guy generally asks the girl to marry him.

How do you know if a guy is going to ask you to Marry him?

There may be signs that let you know a guy is going to ask you to marry him that can include him telling you that you are the only one for him. If you have been dating and in a relationship for a considerable time, he might be thinking of asking you. Since each guy is different, they are the only one who knows what they are thinking and if they will ask someone to marry them.

How do you get a husband on virtual villagers?

You just follow some guy you want to marry around and wait for him to notice you and he will ask you to get married