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In order to give you a more accurate value on your winchester model 88,I would need to know the caliber of the rifle,and what condition your rifle is in?

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โˆ™ 2011-10-29 11:06:40
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Q: What is your 1969 Winchester model 88 308 worth?
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How much is your Winchester model 308 worth?

A few hundred to a few thousand depending on EXACTLY what you have

Is a 308 model 70 Winchester a long or short action?

Your winchester model 70 chambered in .308 a short action.

What is the value of a model 100?

Winchester model 100 (rifle) in 100% shape is worth $550.00 in the 308 caliber. Winchester model 100 (carbine) in 100% shape is worth $795.00 in 308 caliber. If you find a model 100 in the 284 caliber consider yourself lucky and buy it, dinosaur bones are easier to find.

What is it worth Winchester model 88 308 caliber?

they are worth any where from 900 to 1,000 i payed 1,000 for mine hope this helps

How old is a Winchester model 308 serial?

The numbers .308 are the caliber of your rifle,not the model number.Please include the model number and serial number to get the age of your Winchester rifle.

What year was winchester model 100 308 ser 34879?

your winchester model 100 semi-auto rifle was made by winchester in 1962.

What is a Winchester model 100 cal 308 worth serial number 117965?

your model 100 Winchester was made in 1966,the value will depend on many condition issues but they generally run from 450.00 to 550.00.dollars.

Value of model 670 Winchester in 308?

100-400 USD

When was my Winchester model 100 308 cal serial number 93826made?

your Winchester model 100 semi-auto was made in 1965.

How old is Winchester Model 70 308 Win serial number G1538749?

With the serial number that you have provided,your Winchester model 70 rifle in .308 caliber was made in the first part of the year 1982.

When was Winchester model 100 308 Serial number A254904?

It was made in 1972

Winchester model 70 sa 308 heavy barrel value?


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