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100-500 USD

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Q: What is value of Remington sportsman 76 pump 30-06 whose serial number is 8217158?
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What year is the Remington sportsman -58 serial 143766v?

what year is tha Remington sportsman 58 serial 143766v

How do you determine age of Remington Sportsman 58?

By the serial number and markings on the barrel.

What can you tell me about a Remington 12 gauge The Sportsman marked REP serial number 448519?

Remington's website has a history section that you can look at.

What is the manufacture date of Remington serial number W352091M mod sportsman?

Please check the link for the Manufacture Date codes details on the Remington Society of America.

What is the value of a Remington Sportsman 58 serial 167203X?

275 -300

What is the value of a Remington Sportsman shotgun with a four digit serial number of S30XX?

50-500 USD depending on specifics

What is the manufacture date of a Remington sportsman 16ga shotgun serial number 1582938?

Lookup date code on Remington Society of America here:

How do you date Remington sportsman shot gun by serial no?

You don't, you use the barrel code. If you don't have the original barrel you can try calling Remington.

Where can one find the serial number of a Remington Model 11 Sportsman?

On the bottom of the receiver, ahead of the carrier cutout, or on the left side of the receiver toward the bottom.

How old is my Remington Rand serial number C115279?

the serial number is not a remington rand serial number. it is a colt commercial 1911. you have a rem-rand slide on a colt frame. sorry.

What is the age of a Remington Sportsman 48 20 gage serial?

Date code stamped on left side of barrel, go to Remington Society of America for diagram and chart.

What year is a Remington 700 with serial number A6626481?

Your remington model 700 which has a letter A prefix to the serial number,indicates that it was made in 1980.

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