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.1 cent

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Q: What is value of 1875 Parker brothers sxs shotgun worth?
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How much is a Parker brothers 1926 shotgun worth?

$3500.00 $3500.00

How much is a sidebysidedouble barrel Parker shotgun worth?

i have a t parker double barrel shotgun im wondering how much it is worth?

What is a Parker Brothers 10 GA dbl bbl twist steel bbl hammered shotgun worth?

You need to give serial number.

How much is your Parker Brothers double barrell shotgun worth Serial number N78899?

To appraise a shotgun like this, one would need the gun to examine & that appraisal would run about $200.00 to $250.00.

What is the value of a Parker Brothers 20 gauge shotgun?

That is dependent on the condition and grade of the gun. Most collectors will only pay top dollar for original finishes. Automatic ejectors will significantly enhance the value regardless of condition. Depending on condition it could be worth $400 to over $4000.

Parts for a 12 gauge Parker Bros?

Any good gunsmith can find or make parts for your shotgun. It might take several weeks to a year or more. Parker Brothers are a top of the line shotgun, and a shotgun in working shape is worth more than a broken one. Do some checking around at a local gun show, or surf the web for parts.

How much is a vintage Parker Brothers side by side 20 gauge shotgun worth?

It will depend on model number, year of manufacture and condition. Parker is one of the better brands, so it would be worth checking with more than one seller or collector to get an idea of its worth. Always ask at least two sources, to be sure you get a fair estimate. Keep in mind there were also inexpensive copies of Parker with similar markings such as "T. Parker" and "D. Parker", that are worth very little.

What is the value of a bluegrass 1900 12 gauge shotgun?

I have the same shotgun.

What is a double barrel shotgun by Parker bros worth made in 1905?

While Parker shotguns VERY collectible, the value of ANY gun is based on make, model, and condition, Parker made several different models, and condition drives a LOT of the value. Afraid you will need a hands-on appraisal from dealer that knows double guns.

What is the value of a Parker 20 gauge shotgun?

If it says "Parker Brothers, Meriden, Ct", you have a gun that needs to be appraised in-hand by someone with a lot of experience. On the other hand, if it is "E.D Parker", "T. Parker", or something similar, you probably have a utility grade hardware store gun worth a couple hundred dollars at the most.AnswerIf you want a complete appraisal done on your gun 'Chadicks Ltd' in Texas is considered one of the best dealer experts on Parkers.For a freebee.Go (Gun ID and value forum)But with Parkers, condition and many other variables vary the value tremendously!Even on mint guns.

What is a Parker hale side by side waterfowl shotgun worth double trigger?

Check the auction sites.

20 gage shotgun made in Spain for Parker Ballard How much is it worth?

10-300 USD