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$3500.00 $3500.00

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Q: How much is a Parker brothers 1926 shotgun worth?
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How much are Parker brothers shotguns worth?

I own a 1926 Parker Bros shot gun, ser# 219203. It is in excellent condition. A distinguishing charicturistic is a steel shield/badge inlain on the under side of the stock. I am looking for a value on the weapon G. Karambellas

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Is an Ithaca 16 gauge double-barrelled shotgun serial no 434335 worth anything?

You have an Ithaca NID model made in 1926, Not knowing condition or grade 300 -3500.

What is a 1926 Stevens double barrel shotgun worth?

It is up to the buyer. A decorator will give 100 to 200 as long as it looks good. A collector will give 100 to 300 according to condition.

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How much is a Websters 1926 dictionary

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