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(if your a guy) The girl your having an affair with must be aware of the fact that you already have a girlfriend. If niether girl knows about each other you will get busted.

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Q: What is two bridge rule if having an affair?
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How did Tower Bridge get its name?

By having two towers.

Two married people having an affair?

The term for that is adultery (I suppose that's what you're asking).

What is the name of the two people who are having an affair behind the kings back in the movie the king and I?

scar andzira

Did jack greene and jeannie seely have an affair?

the two singers Jack Greene and Jeannie Seely have given no inclination to having a affair. It was assumed they where do to some lyrics and the fact they toured together by some.

What may not be considered a good stationary object when applying the two second rule parked car or an animal or bridge or tree?


If my husband won't shower because he thinks it will prevent me from asking him for sex and previously when he was not showering I found out he was having an affair could he be having another affair?

Not showering & not wanting sex or two classic symptoms of Depression. First, try talking to him about it. Invite him into the shower with you. If all else fails, I would take him to see a doctor. As for suspecting him of having an affair... I would think he'd get showered and smelling good if that were the case.

Has anyone ever married the person they were having an affair with and regretted it and can you ever trust them?

The old saying "the head of the snake always turns around and bites you on the butt" is so true in life. If you have an affair it's wrong! Either you are married, he/she is or both of you are. Often people are unhappy in their marriage for various reasons and instead of trying to work it out they have an affair. Sometimes the two people having the affair feel they are deeply in love, but, if you really think of it, if both of you had an affair with each other how can each of you trust the other. It doesn't sound like you are very happy in your marriage so I don't know why you are worried if you can trust your spouse. It is true two people that had an affair together can get married and live a happy life. Unfortunately, it sounds as if you are having regrets. Be careful not to judge your mate and think he/she is having an affair .. those are old fears from the past. If you suspect this then keep a watchful eye out or even consider talking to your spouse to get the air cleared. Good luck Marcy

What does amorous liaison mean?

It is when two people get together in order to become better acquainted with the possible outcome of having sexual relations.

Who is miss pasternak?

She was Jakes fifth grade teacher on the sitcom Two and a Half Men, she wound up having an affair with "uncle Charlie" twice and was hilarious.

What is the definition or meaning of Affair?

an affair is when a guy and a women are married and either the guy is secretly seeing someone else or its the other way around.ANSWER:Affair is a relationship with another person who is not your husband or wife. Affair is not a one night stand relationship that you can go home and act like nothing happen. Affair is a relationship that will last months or maybe years because the person who's having an affair do fall in love with the other woman or other man. There are two kinds of "Affair", one is Emotional affair where a spouse become close to the other person who is not the spouse. It brings two person very close because they can talk about anything, and they can only share it to each others.Physical affair is all about intimacy with feelings, because they are more closer and love each others. Physical Affair is dangerous to but not like emotional. emotional affair is what breaks and destroy marriage or end up having divorce.

Is Obama having an affair with hillary Clinton?

Absolutely not. There has never been any hint of anything between the two other than a strictly professional and businesslike relationship.

What happened to Cyrus in Pokemon?

he fell in love with dawn had two kids and now enters a bunch of Pokemon contests. Also he is divorcind dawn and having an affair with Cynthia.