Two married people having an affair?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The term for that is adultery (I suppose that's what you're asking).

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Q: Two married people having an affair?
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Has anyone ever married the person they were having an affair with and regretted it and can you ever trust them?

The old saying "the head of the snake always turns around and bites you on the butt" is so true in life. If you have an affair it's wrong! Either you are married, he/she is or both of you are. Often people are unhappy in their marriage for various reasons and instead of trying to work it out they have an affair. Sometimes the two people having the affair feel they are deeply in love, but, if you really think of it, if both of you had an affair with each other how can each of you trust the other. It doesn't sound like you are very happy in your marriage so I don't know why you are worried if you can trust your spouse. It is true two people that had an affair together can get married and live a happy life. Unfortunately, it sounds as if you are having regrets. Be careful not to judge your mate and think he/she is having an affair .. those are old fears from the past. If you suspect this then keep a watchful eye out or even consider talking to your spouse to get the air cleared. Good luck Marcy

What is a man called when he has a relationship with a married woman?

A1:The man is called the husband if he is married to the woman. Otherwise, he could be called an adulterer. A2:If its a married woman, and a single man, its called an affair. If both the man and woman are married to each each other, obviously, marriage.If both the man and woman are married to two different people, its also called an affair.A3:The man is having a relationship, the woman is having an affair. Either way, it is wrong for both the man and woman.

I am having an affair with a married man how can I tell if he wants to end it with me?

He will stop calling you and/or start avoiding any visual contact. You need to get out of this situation - you are the third person in a relationship that is meant for two people. Nobody gets anything out of a love affair ... in the end, everybody loses.

What is the name of the two people who are having an affair behind the kings back in the movie the king and I?

scar andzira

Is making out with another woman not your wife the start of his affair?

Duh! yes it is, specially if the man is married or the woman is married. No married men that's having an affair will just jump in bed and have sex. Let me correct myself, there is, a working girl. Most men are smooth by getting to know the other woman. they will become friends first, then will start sharing things specially intimate subject. Before you know it those two are already having relationship. Affair always start being friends and no one can control it except the married man.

You are married and are having an affair with another married person?

Answer You really haven't asked a question, you've made a statement but if you want an opinion, I just hope for the two of you that no children are involved because if this gets out what will happen to the children because one of you couldn't keep a zipper closed and one of you didn't have the comon sense to keep your legs closed. Personally and this has nothing to do with Wiki Answers, but my personal opinion is that the two of you couldn't care less who either of you hurt as long as you get your jollies. What a shameful way for two adults to act. Shame on the both of you.

What is the difference between an adulterer and an fornicator?

Adultery is a relationship between a married person and another who they are not married to - an affair. Fornication is simply sex between two unmarried people. The difference is that an adulterer is already married, while a fornicator is not.

What does amorous liaison mean?

It is when two people get together in order to become better acquainted with the possible outcome of having sexual relations.

What is two bridge rule if having an affair?

(if your a guy) The girl your having an affair with must be aware of the fact that you already have a girlfriend. If niether girl knows about each other you will get busted.

How long can an affair between two married person last?

The odds are against it. What credibility has a relationship based on lies and deceit. What happened once will happen again. I agree, I would not trust either person who had an affair, they may go and have another affair.

If the married man is not ready to end the affair can the other woman do it?

Naturaly, It takes two to tango.

Meaning of song hold on to the night?

Hold on to the night sounds like two married people having an extramarital fling.