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No one here knows the password to your WiFi. Sorry.

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โˆ™ 2012-08-14 18:54:39
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Q: What is the wifi password for infinitum8858 on the ipod?
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What is a wep password on the iPod touch?

its a wifi or network password

How do you get your WiFi password for your iPod touch?

It is the same password for your network you use for your computer.

How can you connect WiFi on ipod touch if wifi connection is locked?

No... you have to have the password or code to sign on to the wifi that is locked ...

What is the Password for iPod touch wifi?

Each WiFi network has a different password. The iPod touch comes with the ability to connect to wifi built in, but you need to get broadband and a Wifi Router to connect to. The i-touch does come with wifi, well at least the upgraded ones do.

What is the password for an iPod touch to get on apps?

if you want to go on the app store on the ipod you have to get wifi then go into settings then to wifi the connect to a network by tapping an available network then put in the password that it is set to

Does iPod Touch connect to wifi?

To get internet you will have to type a password. It will automatically join if there is no password or requirements.

Where do you enter a WiFi password for ipod touch?

settings --> wifi ---> (click on the desired connection) and then you should be prompted to provide a password unless it is an unsecured network)

Can you add symbols when typing wifi password on iPod?

Yes, you should be able to.

How do you make an ipod WiFi connection on you comp so your ipod gets internet?

First you need to buy a wifi router and set it up. Then enter the password on your ipod and your connection will start

How do you get wifi connected to your ipod touch if you forgot the password?

you cant, the password is nothing to do with the actual ipod, if you want to get the password you need to find help from your internets website, hope this helped:)x

How do you get wiFi on apple ipod touch?

Go on settings then go on wifi then click on the network you want type in the password if it has 1 then your on

How do you connect ipod touch to wifi?

you have to go on settings and click on wifi. there will be a wifi connection('s)click on the one you want and if you have a lock on it enter the password then you will be in and able to use your wifi

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