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Wifi password recovery is an app that you can use in recovering your wifi password.

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Q: An application that I can use the wifi password?
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How do you get your WiFi password for your iPod touch?

It is the same password for your network you use for your computer.

What is the wifi password for the Apple iPad?

There is no wifi password to get on the wifi in your home, unless you set a password yourself.

How do you change your wifi password on your laptop?

how can we change the wifi password

How does a wifi adapter function?

A wifi adapter works by picking up wifi signals in any reachable area. If there is no password then you can login with no problem but if its to a personal home then the wifi probably has a password and you won't be able to use it.

How do you get rid of WiFi as you forgot password?

How do you get rid of wifi as you forgot password

What is a wifi password?

It is the code that you use to access wifi. You can find it on something called a modem, it is usually in the top left corner of your modem. Some wireless networks do not require a password to use them.

How do you lock your wifi network so only you can use it?

Set a password.

How do you find the wi-fi password on i touch?

Each WiFi password is different, and if there is a WiFi network that you don't own that requires a password, there's no way to log on to it unless you ask the owner what the password is. I would recommend buying a WiFi router for your own use or just going to Ralphs or Starbucks or places like that where they have free WiFi.

What is the wifi password for infinitum8858 on the ipod?

No one here knows the password to your WiFi. Sorry.

What is CPS wifi password?

the password is *CPS-Chicago*

How do you connect ipod touch to wifi?

you have to go on settings and click on wifi. there will be a wifi connection('s)click on the one you want and if you have a lock on it enter the password then you will be in and able to use your wifi

What is the WiFi password for an itouch?

Depends on the owner of the WiFi

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