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In the condition you describe each rifle is valued at 750 dollars,while as a set this will probably bring more if sold together.If your rifles have the prefix NCHF to the serial number then these 1 of 300 carbines will sell for 3,250 dollars each.

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Q: What is the value of the gold and silver set 1970 Winchester 94 cowboy commemorative 30-30 in perfect shape with boxes and sleeves?
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When was Winchester model 94 Cowboy commemorative serial number 27989 manufactured?

Winchester made the cowboy commemorative rifles in the year 1970.

What is the serial number range for Winchester model 94 Cowboy Commemorative?

the serial number range of the cowboy commemorative rifle is CB-1 thru CB-27549.

What is your Winchester 30-30 cowboy commemorative cb19772 worth?

475-500 dollars depends on condition

What is the value of a nickel plated Winchester cowboy commemorative model 94?

10-500 USD or so

What is the price of a Winchester model 94 cowboy commemorative rifle?

Unfired, as new, in box, $500-$550.

Winchester cowboy commemorative serial number cb11066?

With no more information than provided, price range from 300-2000

What is the value of a Winchester cowboy commemorative edition rifle?

Your rifle if it is unfired(new in the box) with the original box will bring 675 dollars.

How many rifles were made of the 1970 Winchester 94 Cowboy Commemorative 30-30?

1970 Cowboy Commemorative30-30 cal. 28,904 mfg1970 Cowboy Hall of Fame Presentation only 300 mfg1970 Lone Star 30-30 cal. 55,259 mfg (rifles & carbines)

What are cowboy cuffs?

Cowboy cuffs are leather wrist cuffs used for protection against brush, to protect shirt sleeves from wear, and to keep a rope from fouling in your shirt sleeves.

What are 2 Winchester Model 94 Cowboy Commemorative round barrel rifles with consecutive serial numbers worth in the original box with original papers never fired and excellent condition?

400-1000 USD or so

What is the perfect gift for a boy that wants to become a cowboy?

A cowboy hat

What is a Winchester Model 94 Cowboy Commemorative serial CB26770 round barrel in the original box with original papers which was purchased around 1971 and never fired worth?

According to the Blue Book, it is worth $450, unless it is marked "1 of 300". Then it lists for $2,750.