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Winchester made the cowboy commemorative rifles in the year 1970.

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Q: When was Winchester model 94 Cowboy commemorative serial number 27989 manufactured?
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What is the serial number range for Winchester model 94 Cowboy Commemorative?

the serial number range of the cowboy commemorative rifle is CB-1 thru CB-27549.

Winchester cowboy commemorative serial number cb11066?

With no more information than provided, price range from 300-2000

What is the year of manufacture of your Winchester Commemorative Buffalo Bill 3030 with serial number WC88435?

Your Winchester buffalo bill commemorative was made in 1968.

When was Winchester Model 94 rifle with a serial number of 1854389 manufactured?

Your Winchester was manufactured in 1952.

What year was your Winchester M1 carbine manufactured serial number 1210906?

what year was my Winchester M1 carbine serial number 1210906 manufactured

What year was a Winchester model 94 30WCF serial number 1237317 manufactured?

Winchester Model 94 serial number 1237317 was manufactured in the year 1940.

What year manufactured Winchester 9422 serial number F195620?

Your winchester model 9422 was made by winchester in 1975 with the serial number that you provided.

When was Winchester rifle 239825 manufactured?

You will need to post the model number of your Winchester along with the serial number to get a correct answer to your question.

How old is a Winchester 1873 serial number 169xxx?

A Winchester Model 1873 with a serial number of 169xxx was manufactured in 1884.

Winchester 88 serial number 205637A manufactured when?


What year was Winchester model 42 serial number 114500 manufactured?

Your Winchester model 42 was produced by Winchester in 1954.

What year was your Winchester model 94-30 wcf serial number 1473686 manufactured?

Winchester Model 94 serial number 1473686 was manufactured very early in the year 1948.