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Your winchester model 1894 trapper is valued between 150-350 dollars for a rifle with between 60%-90% original finish remaining and a good bore.

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Q: What is the value of the 1980 Winchester Model 94 30 30 Trapper 16 inch barrel 5 bullet lever action rifle?
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What is the value of the 1980 Winchester Model 94 30-30 Trapper - 16 inch barrel 5 bullet lever action rifle?

Winchester 9416 Trappers before 1981 are Pre-USRAC and also before the design change. They sell for around $800. in good used condition, The 16" Trapper is highly desirable regardless of year of mfg.

Where and what kind of ammo do you need for your Winchester model 94-32?

read top of barrel. it will tell you the caliber bullet it shoots............

What is the value of 1970's Winchester bullet board display containing long barrel short barrel and hand gun cartridges with the Winchester logo on the top?

I don't know but I have one too so if anyone knows please post a value!!

When a bullet is fired from a riffle?

Not quite a question yet. If you are asking about the physics, when a rifle fires a bullet, the ACTION of the bullet being pushed out of the barrel is equaled by the REACTION- or recoil, of the rifle pushing to the rear.

Is a 270 win a short action or long action?

The .270 Winchester is a long action cartridge. It is a .30-06 Springfield necked down to hold a .277 caliber bullet.

What is the difference between a rifle and a gun?

Gun can refer to a long gun or a hand gun. A rifle is very particular. It has to have grooved barrel which spin the bullet when it is going down the barrel. This spin action on the bullet makes it more accurate.

Does caliber refer to a bullet or barrel?


What does a barrel assembly do on a rifle?

The barrel guides and accelerates the bullet out of the rifle, and imparts spin to the bullet to stabilize the bullet in flight.

Can the Winchester model 70 270 bolt action rifle fire a 130 grain Remington bullet?

If it's a 270 load, yes.

Why do you get thrown back by a gun?

The action is the bullet being pushed out of the barrel. The equal and opposite reaction is the gun being pushed back.

Does bullet size affect the gun barrel?

Yes, a bullet must be the same diameter as the barrel (unless it is a shotgun).

How long does it take for a bullet to get out of a gun?

Depends on the speed of the bullet, and the length of the barrel. In the case of a .22 rifle, firing a bullet at 1200 feet per second, from a 16 inch barrel, it will take 1/75th of a second for the bullet to leave the barrel.