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The .270 Winchester is a long action cartridge. It is a .30-06 Springfield necked down to hold a .277 caliber bullet.

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Q: Is a 270 win a short action or long action?
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Is a model 70 Winchester 245839 a short action or long action?

your win mod. 70 was made in 1953,that being the case there are the short action calibres which are rounds with a loaded length of 2.800 in.or less and the long action which are for calibres with a loaded length of 3.340 in. in length.the short action calibres were .22 hornet,.243 winchester,.257 roberts,308 winchester,300 savage,.the long action calibres were .220 swift,270 win.30-06 springfield,300H&H..375H&H etc. hope this helps.

Is the ruger American 308 win bolt action rifle a long or short action?

Ruger American Rifle short action calibers (.243 Win, .308 Win, 7mm .08 Rem, 22-250)

Is a ruger hawkeye 338 win mag long or short action?

Rough rule of thumb- 30-06 and longer= long action. .308 and shorter= short action.

Can 270 light mag ammo be fired from 270 win?

No. .270 Winchester and .270 Winchester Short Magnum are not interchangeable cartridges.

What is the difference between a 700 long action and a short action. then what action is a 700 bdl police in 308 win.?

Long action will handle longer cartridges, such as 30-06. Short action handles shorter cartridges, such as .308.

Is a Remington 700 SPS Varminter in 243 Win a long or short action?

.243 is a short action- it is based on the .308 cartridge necked down- and .308 is a short action. 25-06 would be a long action (parent cartridge was 30-06)

What is the difference between Remington 700 long action and short action?

The "Long action" has a longer receiver and bolt, made for longer rounds such as 30-06 Springfield, 270 Win, etc as opposed to short action catridges like 308 Win.All remington model 700 actions are based on the length of 2 cartridges.The short action is based on cartridges of 2.800in.or less in length.Examples include the .308win,.243win,22-250,.223 rem.etc. The long action length is based on cartridge,s of 3.340in.length.Examples include the 30-06,270win,300win mag,etc.

Is a Remington model 700 in 7mm 08 a long action or a short action?

A Remington Model 700 chambered for the 7mm 08 cartridge would be a short action as the cartridge is based on the .308 Win.

Can you shoot a 270 wcf in a 270 win?

Yes you can. A .270 wcf and .270 win are exactly the same thing.

What is the value of a 270 win mag bolt action rifle?

You need to know the make, grade and model. 270 mag rifle could be anything

Did Weatherby ever make a Mark V in 270 win caliber with a left handed action?


What is the Best 270 cal for deer hunting?

There is only one .270 caliber for hunting rifles, but are you referring to the three different variations? The following are some variation but they are all used for deer hunting. They are the 270 Weatherby Magnum, 270 Win. Short Magnum, and the .270 Win. The .270 Win is the most popular and more than enough for Deer, especially Whitetail. Choosing a hunting rifle and caliber for deer, depends on several factors. What type of area are you hunting? will the shots be long, shorter, dense woods or ?? As far as an effective caliber, the .270 is fine for most all deer hunting. Bullet type and weight are also important.

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