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your model 67 Winchester is running between 200-250 dollars.

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Q: What is the value of the 1934 22 cal model 67 Winchester rifle's?
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What length barrels did the model 60 Winchester have?

The winchester model 60 came with a 23in.round barrel,and this was extended to a 27in.barrel in 1933.These rifles were made from 1930-1934,with only 160,754 made.

What is age of Winchester model 67A?

the Winchester model 67a was prouduced from 1934 to 1963

What year was Winchester 22 model 67A made?

The Winchester model 67 rifles were not serial numbered.This was not mandated until the gun control act of 1968.They were made from 1934-1963.A total of 383,587 were made during this time span.

What year was a Winchester model 42 SN 9998 made?

Your Winchester model 42 was made by Winchester in 1934.

How old is a Winchester model 67A rifle?

The winchester model 67,67A were made from 1934-1963.

How old is Winchester model 62 serial number 13469?

Your Winchester model 62 was made in 1934.

What is the age of a Winchester model 42 with a serial number 12787?

Your winchester model 42 was made by winchester in 1934.that makes your winchester 77years old.

What is the age and value of a 22 caliber Winchester Model 67A bolt action rifle with no serial number?

It was introduced in 1934. There is a website called Winchester Collector that might be helpful.

What is the age of a Winchester Model 67-22?

Winchester did not serial number the model 67 rifles.This was not a law until the passage of the gun control act of 1968.The model 67 was made from 1934-1963.the production figures show that Winchester made 383,587 model 67 rifles during this time span,with a additional 2,100 made from the parts clean-up after production stopped.

How do you date Winchester model 67?

1934 to 1963. By the features.

How old is a Winchester model 68 22 cal bolt action rifle?

Winchester Model 68 single shot .22 caliber rifles were manufactured from 1934 through 1946. There were 100,030 made during that period. These guns were not serialized, so there is no way to further pin the date down.

Did Winchester make a mod64 22cal in 1934?

Winchester made a model 64 22 caliber in the year of 1934. This model of rifle was a lever action model. This is an antique gun that many people would like to get their hands on.