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This is for Smith and Wesson firearms.

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Q: What is the value of dan Wesson arms 357 magnum ctg serial 75118 What year was it built?
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What year was a Smith and Wesson 17-2 Serial K728224 Built?

@ 68

What is the value of dan Wesson 357 magnum ctg serial 373059?

$100-$400, depending on EXACT model and condition. BTW, these are under appreciated revolvers. Durable, reliable, extremely accurate, and built like a tank.

Value of dan Wesson arms 357 magnum revolver The serial number is 218344?

Depending on the exact model, condition and type of barrel, around $275-$300. These are (in my opinion) excellent revolvers- accurate and built like a tank.

What year was smith and Wesson model 29-2 built?

Need the serial number to answer.

What years was the Smith and Wesson model 14-4 built?

that is determined by the revolvers serial number.....................

What is age and value smith and Wesson Model 24-3 Serial ABZ3572?

It was built in 1983.

What year was smith and Wesson model 17 with serial number 5k24692 built?

Unknown. Shipped @ 1973

How do you find out which frame a smith Wesson .357 magnum model 65 is so you can order a new handgrip?

The model 65 is built on the K frame.

What year manufacturing 357 S and W serial?

Smith and Wesson makes parts in batches. There is no guarantee that a frame made and serial numbered today will be built today. The best you can do is to get the approximate date it was shipped from Smith and Wesson to a distributor. If you had provided the serial number, an answer could be given.

What year was 357 magnum model 27 serial number S 102893 built?

The 357 magnum model 27 was produced in 1935 and ceased in 1994 That serial number dates to late 1953 early 1954 time frame.

How can you find out what a Dan Wesson 357 magnum 6 inch barrel 6 shooter with a serial number of 39747 is worth?

Depending on exact model and condition, around $250-$300. In my opinion, one of the best built. Accurate, durable and reliable- very under-appreciated guns.

How old is a browning A5 shotgun with a serial number of 69v 32351?

It was built in 1969 in Belgium. It should be a 12ga. Magnum.