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50-350 usd

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Q: What is the value of a ruger single six three screw 22 cal revolver serial no 8842?
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What is the price of a 22 caliber old model single action ruger three screw revolver 21-14658?

50-250 or so

What is the price of a 22 caliber old model single action ruger three screw revolver 21 14658?

50-250 or so

How old is your ruger single six three screw ser 540303?

If the Ruger web site will work for you, they have sn data available.

What is a three screw ruger convertable 22lr 22mag single 6 worth old?

Depending on condition, $250-$550. These were made 1953-1973. The early revolver with a FLAT loading gate is worth considerably more. The Ruger website, under customer service, lists date of manufacyure.

What is the DOB for a smith and Wesson pre-17 4 screw revolver with serial?

Please provide the serial number in your question to get a correct answer.

How much is a 3 screw blackhawk strum ruger 357 serial number 69915 worth?

50-500 depending on specifics

Age of serial number 188354 5 screw 22 calibre revolver?

Need a detailed description of ALL markings.

What is a first generation Single Action Army 1873 colt revolver?

1st generation refers to date manufactured........... early colt SAA merely had a serial number. latter, as with 2d generation , colt placed a front of serial number. then colt put the SA after the serial number. Current production puts the S before the serial number and the A after the serial number. Somewhat confusing..................First generation colt 1873 single action army pistols were made from 1873 until 1941. Early models were known as "pinched frame" models because of the single screw which held the cylinder pin in the frame. About 1891, this system was improved on when a side screw was added on the frame to replace the frame screw which was located in the front of the frame.

What is age and value of 4 screw s and w revolver 44 mag serial 173xxx?

Call S&W and they can tell you when it was shipped from the factory.

Ruger Single Six Old Model 22 cal 22 with 5 one half barrel nice shape three screw 1961 182387 walnut?


What is the value of a Ruger 357 2-screw blue barrel?

Unknown variant.

What is the value of a Ruger 357 2 screw blue barrel?

100-400 USD