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1st generation refers to date manufactured........... early colt SAA merely had a serial number. latter, as with 2d generation , colt placed a front of serial number. then colt put the SA after the serial number. Current production puts the S before the serial number and the A after the serial number. Somewhat confusing..................

First generation colt 1873 single action army pistols were made from 1873 until 1941. Early models were known as "pinched frame" models because of the single screw which held the cylinder pin in the frame. About 1891, this system was improved on when a side screw was added on the frame to replace the frame screw which was located in the front of the frame.

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Q: What is a first generation Single Action Army 1873 colt revolver?
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When was colt single action revolver?

1873 was the date of the first one.

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Depends, A "Single Action" revolver, such as the Colt Peacemaker, carried in the old West, DID have to be cocked before each shot. A "Double Action" revolver, such as a current day Smith & Wesson, does not require that the hammer be cocked- it CAN be- or the trigger can be pulled, and the hammer will rise and fall.

What does a double action revolver mean?

A double action firearm requires you to pull back the hammer before you can fire it.

Who invented the first double action revolver?

Robert Adams (UK) patented a double action only revolver in 1851, i belive this is the first but am not an expert so someone cuold prove me wrong.

Is an h schmidt ostheim rhoen single action revolver in 357 mag safe to shoot mag loads in if gun is in good condition?

It CAN be, but would have it checked by a competent pistol smith first.

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A good candidate may be the Starr Model 1858. This was a ball and cap revolver. With cartridge firearms, Forehand & Wadsworth made a .32 revolver inn what we would today recognize as a "double action: revolver. However, there were earlier "double action only" pepper box pistols.

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When was the jc Higgins 126.19370 bb revolver made?

126.1937 was made for Sears by Crosman Airgun. It is a western 45, six shooter. first made by PY Hahn then Crosman bought them out. It is a fill replica of an Army Single Action Revolver. Mfg 1958-1970. In 1970 it became the "Frontier 36."

What is the Difference between a Double Action and a Single Action Pistol?

A typical single action pistol or revolver requires that the hammer be manually cocked. In the case of an autoloading pistol, such as the 1911AI .45, the hammer must be cocked before firing the first shot. With a single action revolver, such as the Colt Peacemaker, the hammer must be cocked before each shot. A double action handgun does not require manual cocking of the hammer- you pull the trigger, and the hammer rises and falls. An example would be the Smith & Wesson Model 10 .38 Special. The hammer may ALSO be cocked manually before a shot. Some handguns are DAO- double Action Only- the hammer may not be cocked manually- they are fired by pulling the trigger, which will cause the hammer to rise and fall.

Where can you get a first generation Single Action Army appraised in the Maryland area?

Start with NRA affiliated clubs:Grand National Waterfowl Association *Cambridge, MD Appalachian Trail Arms Collectors *Frederick, MD

What is the value of a matched pair of postwar first generation 38 special Single Action Armys serials 357xx1 and 357XX2 new in the box?

$1000 and up, depending on condition, markings, history,etc.