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Depending on condition, $325-$375

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Q: What is the value of a mossberg model 835 with slug barrel?
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Will a mossberg model 500 slug barrel fit a western field shotgun?


What slug to use in a 12 gauge mossberg pump interchageable barrel un rifled?

i have a 12 gauge unrifled barrel 500 model.what type of slug do you reccomend for the mossberg

Will a mossberg slug barrel fit the smith and Wesson m1000?


Where would you find a slug barrel for a Mossberg 550AB shotgun?


Can you shot a slug out of a 1950 16 gauge Mossberg model 190 bolt action and it has the ajustable choke on the barrel?

Have it checked by a good gunsmith and ask for advice.

What is the value of a Winchester model 120 ranger with a slug barrel?

100-300 USD depending on condition

Mossberg 500 410 slug barrel?

Mossberg makes an 18.5" personal defense/home defense/slug barrel for the 500 .410. The cost is approx $75 delivered via fedex. You should contact Mossberg directly to place the order. It's cheaper than Brownell's, Midway USA, Bass Pro Shops, etc. They get them from Mossberg to sell to you at a higher price.A NOTE OF CAUTION: Mossberg does NOT, repeat NOT recommend using slugs through the standard full-choke barrel. Using slugs in this barrel could bulge or burst the barrel.

Does another slug barrel fit a Winchester model 2200?


Where can you buy a rifled barrel for a Western Field M550ad?

This should be a Mossberg 500 in a Montgomery Wards suit. Check any dealer for the availability of a slug barrel.

What is the value of a mossberg model 500 pump shotgun with 12 gauge shotgun without a slug barrell and ducks unlimted on it?

Value of ANY gun is based on EXACT make, model, variety and condition. You need a hands-on appraisal.

Who made the sears roebuck 12gage shotgun slug model 446.511760 pump?

mossberg 500

Is there a rifled slug barrel that will fit the Winchester model 1400?

At this time no,there are not any available.You could have a model 1300 slug barrel redone and have the gas ports added to this barrel.Then it will work fine in your model 1400 Winchester shotgun.