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Value of ANY gun is based on EXACT make, model, variety and condition. You need a hands-on appraisal.

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Q: What is the value of a mossberg model 500 pump shotgun with 12 gauge shotgun without a slug barrell and ducks unlimted on it?
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What is the value of a Mossberg single shot?

Impossible to answer without knowing if it is a rifle or shotgun.

Who made a 12 gage shotgun with fine decarbonized steel stamped on top of the barrell?

No way to tell without more information.

What is the value of a new in box model 82 wby 12 ga shotgun with 30 barrell and multiple chokes?

Impossible to answer without knowing store/brand/maker.

What is the name of the narrowing at the at the muzzel end of a shotgun barrel?

The narrow part at the muzzle of a shotgun barrel is called the choke. It squeezes the shot so that it stays together. Without the choke, the shot flies in all directions as soon as it leaves the barrell.

How many rounds doles a mossberg gun model hold?

My Mossberg maverick holds seven without the tube plug

What is the value of a mossberg and sons model 75A 20guage shotgun bolt action?

Depending on condition, most of the Mossberg bolt action shotguns sell for anywhere from $50-$125. They are sound, reliable, durable guns, but basically utility grade shooters without a high collector's interest. Good guns, though.

When did mossberg stop production of model?

Impossible to answer without the model.

Who made the westernfield model M-150D 410 gauge?

Mossberg 'Western Field' Model 150 .410 bore bolt- action repeating shotgun with a 24" full-choke barrel in 93% condition or better. This gun looks as if it has seen very little use. We grade conservatively, so you will be happy with your purchase!This gun is actually labeled 'Western Field' which is a store brand (Montgomery Ward's). This is actually a Mossberg 183 shotgun without the adjustable choke. A fine choice for a first shotgun, for hunting squirrels or rabbits, or for general utility use.

Price on a 1880 Ithaca double barrell shotgun outside hammers dumacus rolled steel barrell?

Without more information like model number serial number, and overall condition I can only give you an approximate value. In like new condition, around $900.00, in very good condition, around $500.00, in good condition, around $300.00 and in poor condition, around $100.00.

Can you change your 2 barrell setup for a 4 without changing the cam in your 77 Camino 305?


What is the value of an AYA 12 gauge double barrell shotgun- single select trigger- with Holland and Holland locks?

Impossible to evaluate on the internet without high quality digital pictures and a DETAILED description of ALL markings, stock, sights, box, condition, accessories and papers.

Value 12 gage double barrell shot gun?

Without more of a description; 50-20000 USD

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