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The model 126.1909 was made for Sears by Crosman. In reality it is a Crosman model 150. If you want an estimate o value then you will have to give it some sort of rating like Poor. Fair, Good, Very good or Excellent. Also state if it is still working, then I can give you an estimate of value.

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Q: What is the value of a crosman match pistol model 126.1909?
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How old is your vintage crosman bullseye target pistol?

The Crosman Bullseye Target model 105 is a pump pistol made between 1947-52

How do you load a Crosman Medalist pistol?

See the link below for the Crosman 1300. It is similar to the 1322 model.

Price today for a crosman arms co 37 pistol ww11?

I can not find any reference it any Catalog on a Crosman model 37 pistol. Crosman makes a 357 version and a 338 version. Check your information again an re-post your question. ( it is possible that my catalog's are missing this model. )

When was the crosman 150 CO2 pellet gun made?

The Crosman model 150 was made between 1954-1967. It is a .22 cal pellet pistol.

What year was a 22 air pistol jc Higgins 1262920 made and its value?

I only have some information for you. Any JC Higgins air pistol that begins with model 126 was made by Crosman air gun. Any model that starts with 799 was made by Daisy air gun. I suggest you click the Crosman link below and check the owners manuals to try to locate your pistol. Then re-post the Crosman model number along with the condition of the pistol to get an estimate of value.

What is the value of the Crosman mod 36 air bb pistol?

I assume you are asking about the Crosman model 36 Frontier. If this is the right pistol then please state the condition of the pistol to get an estimate of value. Is it in Poor, Fair, Good, Vary Good or Excellent condition?

What is the value of a Crosman 22-calibere Target Pistol?

If you want an answer then you need to state the model number and the condition of the pistol. Also is it still working?

Where can you buy a seal kit for a Crosman 454 air pistol?

This pistol was made between 1978 and 1984. Crosman no longer supplies parts for this model, But the offer a free service to locate shops that repair older Crosman air guns. See the link below

Do you have a picture of 1924 Crosman pellet or BB gun?

Crosman did not make BB guns until 1947, so there is no 1924 model BB pistol. Crosman did make their first BB rifle called the 1923 model. It had a plunger under the barrel to pump up the gun. Benjamin had been using this design on their pistols starting in 1935 but crosman never used it on a pistol only on the first model. Now back to the Crosman rifles, the second Crosman rifle was the 1924 model and it used a pump handle under the barrel to pump up the gun. Yes I have a photo of a Crosman 1924 model but "Answers" has no way of displaying photos, so sorry your out of luck. FYI: Crosman is spelled with one "s" not two. CROSMAN

What is the value of JC Higgins pneumatic pellet pistol model no 126.19340?

This model was made for Sears by Crosman air gun Co. In actuality it is a Crosman model 130. It was made from 1953 through 1970 in two variations. I am unable to give an estimate of value with out knowing the condition of the pistol. Condition determines the value.

Does any have a clip for a crosman 357 for sale?

Contact Crosman service department the same clip is used in the current model 3657 pistol. See the link Below.

What is the value of your crosman 22 mag crome vg condition shoots great?

Lets start with, What model is the Crome Crosman of yours. Is it a pistol or a rifle. Crosman has made over 100 different models. And there is NO model called "Crome." Resubmit you question with the model number so I and Identify the value.