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The company is not listed in the Blue Book and the Standard Catalog lists only a few automatics that are rather inespensive, so I would guess the answer is "not much".

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โˆ™ 2007-03-03 05:02:42
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Q: What is the value of a blued 6-shot 38 long Beistegui Bros revolver with wood grips?
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Who made a 5 shot revolver with bakelite grips with dog head in center . poss a 38 cal?

The revolver is probably an Iver Johnson. The grips were after-market grips, distributed by Siles.

What do the star symbols on the grips of an old FW revolver mean?


What are the parts of a revolver?

Barrel, cylinder, frame, grips, sights.tim is gay

What was the 1918 St. Louis plumb knife used for?

It was a WWI military knife, it should have wood grips and a blued finish.

What grips would fit a herbert schmidt 38 special revolver?

Try egunparts

What is the parts of o colt revolver?

barrel, cylinder, frame, sights, hammer, grips, springs

What does 'W A D Co' on the President-grips of the Shattuck revolver mean?

Abbreviated name of the company.

Where can you find owl grips for the Iver Johnson 38 5 shot revolver?

Midway USA

What is value of kimel western six revolver 22mag .chrome plated with onyx grips?

About $100.

Shattuck pocket revolver PAT Nov 4 1879 it has pearl pistol grips I've only seen pictures of ones with black grips does this make it rare?

Not necessarily. Grips could have been replaced.

What is the value of a 25 caliber Browning depose pistol serial 230818?

value of belgium browning 25 auto baby blued with walnut grips

Where can I locate the serial and model number on an Iver Johnson hammerless .32 revolver?

On an older revolver, you are not likely to find a model number, since they did not use model numbers. If you remove the grips, you should find the serial number stamped in the frame under the grips.

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