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The Winchester Ranger Model 120 was a cheaper version of the Model 1300. there were only 5000 made of these shotguns. They were aimed at Military and Police sells. However thanks to Ducks Unlimited a large number were introduced into the civilian market when they were given as prises at dinners. And once the public saw them and relized they were the same as the 1300 model for way less money the shotguns went very quickly. Winchester never got the contracts they wanted and stopped production of the shotgun after only a couple of years (1986 thru the beginning of 1989} because they wanted to make more money on there 1300's. Since there were only a limited production of them and since the plant closed it's doors in the United States and moved it's production to Japan. The price of these shotguns are going up in value. It's not uncommon to see them on Guns of America in average shape going for $250 to $450. However last year in 2008 a 20 ga. was sold on there site new in the box for $1800. This shows that collectors are starting to take a serious look at this model.

The production years listed above must be wrong because I had a Win. Ranger model 120 12ga. 30" plain barrel. It was an birthday gift in may 1984, I know this for sure.

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Mine was a Christmas gift in 1983.

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Q: What is the value of a Winchester model 120 ranger 12 gauge shotgun with Modified choke?
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