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$30 to $120, depending on condition.

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Q: What is the value of a Revelation single shot bolt action .22 rifle made by Western Auto?
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What would be the value of a revelation western field model 103 lever action single shot 22 rifle?


Who made the Revelation model 200 m 30-30 for western auto supply co?

Revelation model 200-2550 lever action rifle was made by the marlin firearms company.It is a Model 336 Marlin rifle.

Who manufactured the Revelation r210a rifle for Western Auto?


Where can i find a magazine clip for a caliber 222. model 225 bolt action rifle by revelation?

The Revelation Rifle marketed by Western Auto Stores in .222 Rem is essentially a Savage 340. Clips are sold by for $30.99 plus shipping

What is the approx age of a western auto supply co revelation lever action 22 shortlonglong rifle model 117?

30-50 yrs

What brand made the Revelation Model 225 series e 30 30 bolt action?

I believe your rifle is a Savage Model 340, made under the Western Auto house brand of Revelation.

What is a Revelation 30-30 bolt action rifle?

It was made for Western Auto. Several companies made them. Without a model number, we can't tell you who made it.

When were western model 37 bolt action rifles made?

Your Western Field model 37 bolt action rifle was made for Montgomery Wards(Western Field) by Mossberg and sons.The Mossberg model 30 and your rifle are one and the same.The Mossberg model 30 single shot .22cal rifle was made from 1933-1935.

When was the Revelation 110M bolt action .22 rifle made?

Cannot be absolutely certain, but the Revelation 110M was made by Marlin for a company called "Western Auto Supply Co." sometime in the early 1960s. It is really a Marlin 81 rifle, a model they produced in many variants for decades.

Who made the Revelation model 115 22 lever action rifle?


How can you find a clip for a 30-30 Revelation Model 225 bolt action rifle?

-- Savage 340 as made for Western Auto -- We have new magazines for that model.

How old is western auto model107 revetation cal 22 rifle?

IF your Revelation rifle is a bolt action .22 Magnum, with a box magazine, it was made for Western Auto by Mossberg as their 640K model. These were made from about 1959-1985. Some of the cross reference data is a little fuzzy.....