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I recently purchased an 1894 with damascus barrels, nice wood, 50% case color, no dents, dings, dents, etc. for $600. .

I own a Grade "B" '94 double with ORDNANCE steel barrels, clean, tight, mirror bores and even patina throught, auto selective EJECTORS, auto safety. I currently have a $1000.00 offer on this shotgun that I'm considering, but think it should bring a couple of hundred more considering the increased interest in doubles RD

I was offered $1700 by someone (10 years ago) for my 1894 30 WCF, 5 digit serial number, the model without saddle ring. However, as it has been in my family for 4 or 5 generations, there's really no price that can be put on it. Well, there might be. But it would have to contain more digits than the serial number. I still hunt with it too. 30-30, and has taken down maybe a dozen or two elk, and a couple larger critters.

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double barrel 12 gauge

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Q: What is the value of a Remington Model 1894?
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