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No such model number in the Remington line

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Q: What is the value of a 1938 Remington Rifle Model 760?
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What years did Remington make the Remington-ilion ny 32rem model 141 1225 32 gauge pump shotgun what type of value does it have?

the Remington .32 model 141 is not a shotgun but a pump action dear hunting RIFLE. It was made between 1938 and 1950, and has a value in good condition between 250 and 300$

When did they make the Lyman Scope 422 expert?

In 1938, Remington began offering that scope on the Model 341 rifle. When you bought it WITH the rifle, it was $8.25.

What is the age and value of a Savage model 6 22 rifle?

The Savage Model 6 was Mfg'erd from 1938 to 1968.

What year was the 22 rifle Model 87A made?

About 200,000 were made between 1938-1945, value around $50.00

What is the value and age of a 22 Stevens model87A rifle?

the Stevens model 87 was made 1938-1945,with total production of 200,000.

What is the value of a daisy sentinel bb gun in poor condition?

Daisy NRA Centennial model 5894 (POOR condition) $40, 1971-72 Model 1938 B 50th anniversary $25, 1988 Model 1938 Diamond Anniversary $15 , 1998 Model 1938 Millenium Edition $15, 2000 All of these prices are the Poor condition value for this rifle.

What year was a Remington Speedmaster model 241 serial 39678 made?

Manufactured: 1938

What is a daisy double barrel bb gun worth model 104?

It has value but I need to know the condition of the rifle. It was made between 1938-40

How old is a jstevens arms company 410 rifle model no59a?

Your J Stevens model 59A shotgun not rifle was made from 1938-1945.

Value of Benjamin air rifle co model 112 pistol?

The model 112 was made between 1938-1941. I need to know the condition of the pistol to give an estimate of value. Rate it from Poor to Excellent. Does it still work?

What is the monetary value of an 8mm 1938 German mauser rifle?

value will depend on condition of the rifle. Value may be as low as $100, or as high as several hundred. But not a million.

What year did they make the savage model 6DL 22 cal rifle?


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