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If gun is mint and never fired - then you could reasonably expect $1500 - $2000 auto5man

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โˆ™ 2007-12-04 06:29:58
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Q: What is the value of a Browning shotgun light twelve A5 made in 1961 28 inch barrel modified choke plain rib gold trigger new in the original Browning box with manual and catalog?
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Identify your browning shotgun?

Compare to catalog pictures or other known examples.

What is the value of a browning BSS 20G shotgun?

A Browning side by side 20 gauge shotgun in Grade I,with a original finish of between 70%-90% will bring between 1,000-1,800 dollars.

What is the value of an old browning shotgun serial number C14099 in good condition?

That would all depend on the model of shotgun in question,the gauge that the shotgun is chambered for,and the amount of original finish remaining,and a good bore.Please include this info to get a estimate of value for your Browning shotgun.

What is the value of a Browning modified 12 gauge special steel shotgun built in the 1930-1940's?

50-500 usd

Value of Browning shotgun?

It depends on the browning model of shotgun you are asking about,and the condition it is in.

What is a browning sl20 shotgun?

You will have to call Browning.

What year was a Browning semi automatic shotgun serial number 114711?

if you are asking about a browning auto-5 shotgun?The year of production of your browning shotgun is 1928.

What is the value of a Browning rifle light twelve?

Your Browning light twelve shotgun,not rifle is valued at between 300-550 dollars for a shotgun with between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining,and a good bore.

What is the value of a Browning numbered x91801?

My records indicate that the serial number X91801 belong to a Browning auto 5 shotgun in 16 gauge that was produced by FN of Belguim for Browning in the year 1953.A Browning auto-5 shotgun in 16 gauge will bring between 250-550 dollars for a shotgun with between 60%-90% original condition,and a good bore.

When did Browning invent the pump shotgun?

John Browning invented the pump shotgun in the year 1897.

What is a 1932 browning a5 worth Sn 129xxx?

Your Browning auto-5 shotgun will need to be described in detail,including the overall condition of the shotgun in question.Please include the amount of original finish remaining,and the bore condition.

How is ported on the browning gold shotgun different on a browning silver shotgun.?

Depends on what application it was ported for and by what process.

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