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The value of a 1972 Winchester model 70 270 cal is between $760 to $800. This is good condition price.

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2014-11-20 00:58:42
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Q: What is the value of a 1972 Winchester model 70 270 cal?
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Whati is the value of a Winchester -model 670-270 serial 112700 go for?

about 375.00

How old is Winchester model 270?

The best that I can do for you,is say that that the winchester model 270 was made by winchester between the years 1963-1974.Winchester did not keep yearly production figures on the model 270.It was grouped together as the model 200 series of rifles.

Value for model 270 Winchester 22 cal pump?

from 250- 350.00 depending on condition

What is the value of a used excellent condition Winchester model 70 Winlite laminated rifle in 270 Winchester?

300-500 usd

What is the Age and value of Winchester model 70xtr-270 serial number 81447867?

Go to and look at the Winchester sn data.

What is the value and year of a Winchester 270 model?

The Winchester model 270 was a part of the Winchester 200 series of rifles made from 1963-1965 until 1976.This included the models 250,270,290,275.the model 270 was discontinued in the year 1974.The value cannot be expressed without you providing a more detailed description of your rifles overall condition,original finish remaining and the bore,s condition.

How much is a 1965 Model 70 Winchester 270 serial 747048 worth?

The Winchester 270 1965 model 70, serial number 747048 is valued at $600 in excellent condition. In fair condition, its value is $375. In poor condition, its value is $250.

Is THEIR a 270 model rimington auto MODEL 4?

Remington never made the Model 4 in 270 Winchester.

What is a good price for a Winchester model 70 270 Winchester cal made in the early 60s?

The value of a pre 64 model 70 cal. 270 in good shape will go for somewhere around 1200.00 to 1800.00.. with out anykind of a scope.

What is the value of a Winchester 270 model 330 made bye Harrington and Richardson inc?

100-400 USD

What is the resale value of Winchester model 270 cal rifle?

What model of rifle are we talking about?I would need to know along with the age of the rifle to give you a accurate value.

What is the value of Winchester 270 Model 70 serial 229217?

need more info on condition of Winchester model 70 friend has one in 30-06 in very good condition. i would say anywhere from 200-thousands.

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