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I just purchased a W H Davenport 8 gauge single shot from gunbroker and paid $1060.00 including shipping. Cabelas has one listed under classic guns for $1299.00.

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2009-06-24 07:59:27
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Q: What is the value of W H Davenport 8 gauge shotgun?
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When was a davenport 8 gauge shotgun sn 01027 made?

it was make in 1989 i have one

Is there a 8 gauge shotgun?


Who makes a 8 gauge shotgun?

Remington makes a industrial 8 gauge kiln gun.

What is the value of a Shortsman Long Range 12 gauge shotgun Serial number A884793?

A Sportsman long range 12 gauge shotgun is worth $845 in good condition. The shotgun weight is 8 pounds, 4 ounces and has a 28 inch barrel.

Where can you find 8 gauge shotgun shells?


How or where can you buy 8 gauge shot gun ammo?

It is difficult to find even 10 gauge shotgun ammo today. I have my doubts if 8 gauge shotgun ammo is even made any more, but corrections welcomed.

Is a 8 gauge more than a 12 shotgun?

Yes, it is larger, the smaller the gauge the larger the bore i.e. 3 gauge is larger in diameter than a 8 gauge or a 12 gauge.

8 gauge shotgun side by side?

Market or kiln gun

How much for a 8 gauge shotgun?

a few hundred to multiple thousands depending on the usuals

You have an 8 gauge shotgun and you need to get an appraisal on it?

Check the yellow pages for auctioneers or appraisers.

What is the strongest shotgun?

no its the 8 gauge side by side Elephant Gun..a very deadly shotgun!! no its the AA-12 Actually it goes farther back than a 8 gauge there a some shot guns that are mounted on cars because the are that powerful.

Who makes 8ga rifles?

Gauge indicates a shotgun, not a rifle. The 8 gauge has been out of production for many years, and was a black powder shotshell. The 8 g. is not legal for hunting in the US.

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