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Q: Where can you find 8 gauge shotgun shells?
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How or where can you buy 8 gauge shot gun ammo?

It is difficult to find even 10 gauge shotgun ammo today. I have my doubts if 8 gauge shotgun ammo is even made any more, but corrections welcomed.

What is a 8 gauge side by side shotgun?

It is a very large bore shotgun that with solid shells was also used as an elephant gun. It was also used to shoot geese at a long range.

Is there a 8 gauge shotgun?


Who makes a 8 gauge shotgun?

Remington makes a industrial 8 gauge kiln gun.

What kind of shells go in a J.C Higgins model 20?

If your shotgun is a 12 gauge pump, then you have a High Standard Model 200 (Flite King). The standard 12 gauge shell is a 2 3/4 inch shotgun shell. It can be anything from #8 birdshot to a deer slug.

What lengths were 16 gauge shotgun shells ever made?

The only length I've seen is 2 3/4 in shells. That is the length of the chamber on my Model 77-B in 16 gauge. Early guns, those made prior to the 1930s may have 2 1/2 inch or 2 5/8 inch chambers, So, while modern 16 gauge shells are 2 3/4", early 16 gauge shells were 2 1/2".

What is the ammunition of a modern shotgun called?

Generally "Pellets" or "Shot" contained in "Shells". There are also solid shot "Slugs" similarly contained in "Shells". I'd use Shells ie "8 shotgun shells", unless you are specifying exactly the type.

Is a 8 gauge more than a 12 shotgun?

Yes, it is larger, the smaller the gauge the larger the bore i.e. 3 gauge is larger in diameter than a 8 gauge or a 12 gauge.

8 gauge shotgun side by side?

Market or kiln gun

Why was B shot introduced for shotgun shells?

should be 8 shot NOT B (the letter) shot

How much for a 8 gauge shotgun?

a few hundred to multiple thousands depending on the usuals

When was a davenport 8 gauge shotgun sn 01027 made?

it was make in 1989 i have one