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17 Remington.

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2009-05-04 22:17:35
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Q: What is the smallest caliber in a bolt action for stopping power?
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What is the smallest caliber center fire rifle?

what do you mean smallest ? smallest diameter bullet ? smallest case ? 5mm , or 22 high power, 17 rem , be specific .

What has the most stopping power a 38 caliber or a 380 caliber hand gun?

Depends- WHICH 38 caliber- and which cartridge. The .38 S&W is a relatively weak cartridge, but the .38 Special has been loaded to much higher energies. SOME .38 specials have more stopping power than SOME .380s. and vice versa. The .38 Super Auto has MUCH more power than the .380.

Who is more powerful 357 magnum vs 40 caliber?

357 has more stopping power. It also has quite a bit more recoil, though.

Buy 32 rim fire ammo?

No, buy .50 Action Express, much more stopping power.

What caliber is best suited for a compact concealed carry firearm 9mm or 40?

This is mainly personal preference. The 9mm rounds will result in a lighter, cheaper round to shoot, but offers significantly less stopping power then a .40 caliber bullet. If it was going to be your primary concealed carry firearm, I'd go with the .40 because of the extra stopping power. Once again though, this is all personal preference.

Is there stopping power black ops?

There is no stopping power on Call of Duty Black Ops.

What is the Stopping power of the .40 caliber?

"stopping power" is sort of hard to define, because what it means exactly depends on who you ask. However, a possible answer to the question is, the .40 SW has (approximately) between 400 and 500 ft-lbs of muzzle energy and creates a hole at least .40 of an inch in diamater (and larger, if it expands).

How far can the Winchester shoot?

It depends on the caliber and the barrel length.Also, the "effective range" is not the same as how far a bullet will travel.A .22 can fly more than a mile, but it has no "stopping power" at that range.

Is the AK 47 an accurate weapon or was it just made for stopping power?

Not made for accuracy, made for high rate of fire, durable action.

Does a 25 caliber have stopping power?

Shot placement is the most important thing. A 25ACP will kill you if the shot is placed properly. A pellet gun can kill you if the shot is placed properly. It does not mean it will stop an attack quickly. All handguns have stopping power. Some have less than others. According to many sources, the .25 ACP is one of the worst, if not the worst.

What is the best concealed carry pistol?

Magazine article after magazine article has been written on this subject and there is no real definitive answer. It all dpeends on the caliber and stopping power of the weapon balanced against the ease and conceealment of the weapon.

Do front or rear brakes have more stopping power?

Front brakes have significantly more stopping power than rear brakes.

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