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Q: What is the secret word for Wendy birthday party game 2?
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What is the secret word for Wendy birthday party game 1?


A party game the starts with ch?

fun children's birthday party

What fun game can you do at a birthday party that's not to babyish?

Monopoly or clue

In the game miss popularity what do you wear to the birthday party?

maximum originality

What can you do for your birthday this summer?

Maybe have a summer party/birthday party you could have coconut bra's, grass skirts and party hats and you could play a game where you have to put on the clothes in the basket and the first team to finish wins!

What is a birthday party game that requires music?

musical chairs, limbo, hot potato

What are the release dates for The Wendy Williams Show - 2008 Wendy's Dating Game?

The Wendy Williams Show - 2008 Wendy's Dating Game was released on: USA: 17 February 2012

Carolyns 11 Birthday Party?

pool party game party blowing camping (one night) go away All answered by an 11 year old

What are some games for a birthday?

I found some sites that have a lots of party games, no matter its for children or teenagers or adult. Here is one old school game: PIN THE TAIL ON THE DONKEY - One of the oldest and most favorite party games. Here is the website:

What is a good 14th birthday party?

try having a dance party, limo party, amuesment park party, swim party, movie party, or game show party! Aslo make sure you have lotds of decorations and music!

Can you write a sentence using the word to?

Happy Birthday to you. We must cooperate to win this game. I'm going to the mall later. We went to the birthday party last night. I love to play this game.

When is tikal the echidnas birthday?

tikal's birthday is the 18th December because well... in Poland there's this game sonic birthday party and on 18th December it said "tikal is 15 today"